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Terms of Use

Terms of Use

  1. Access to the computer lab is regulated via a key register that is kept by the porter of the FH-building. Only authorized users may borrow the key for the computer lab. To receive the key, users have to present a valid photo identification.
    1. Admission to the key register requires the participation in a single instruction session.
    2. The loan is recorded in a signed document.
    3. The borrower is the responsible person.
    4. The responsible person has to ensure that every other user of the room meets the terms of use. Also she/he has to report any damages. She/He is solely responsible for all claims originating from the use of the computer pool.
  2. In case of loss of the key, all associated expense is to be met by the responsible person.
  3. Eating, drinking and smoking are not allowed in the computer pool.
  4. The provided hard- and software may only be used for purposes of teaching and research.
  5. Every user is required to treat hardware, software and data carefully and responsible.
  6. The provided hard- and software has to be checked for damages before use. Any damage has to be reported immediately.
  7. It is not allowed to install any personal software on the devices.
  8. The remove of devices, cables and accessories is prohibited.
  9. Laptops can be charged at the provided plug sockets. The use of a network cable may only be allowed after previous consultation.
  10. The use of storage media (USB flash drives, blank CD, etc.) is permitted.
    1. The user has to ensure that these are virus-free. 
    2. Damages due to their use have to be reported immediately. The user has to bear the cost of damages. 
  11. The workstations are for the use of one person each.
  12. Backup of personal data is not provided.
  13. The computers and the printer have to be shut down after use.
  14. When leaving the room, all windows have to be shut and the light has to be switched off.

The house rules of the TU Berlin apply!

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