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Computer Pool



The computer pool (FH 919) and the integrated network lab provides employees and students of the Department of Sociology with up-to-date software for research and teaching. The computer pool contains 8 computer workstations which offer programs for qualitative and statistical analysis, video analysis and image editing, among others.

Access to the computer pool:

The computer pool is accessible to the public during the supervised opening hours (see below). Outside the opening hours, authorized users can borrow the key to the computer pool from the porter of the FH-building. Out-of-hours-access is managed via a key register. To become authorized, students and employees have to register with pool staff and participate in an instruction session. For authorization please contact the following address in due time:

The following information is necessary:

Name, first name / student ID / role (student, PhD-student, employee at the Department of Sociology, etc.) / phone number and e-mail address.

To borrow the key please show a valid photo identification (student ID, ID card) to the porter.

Activities in the Computer Lab

On the following dates the computer pool is reserved for teaching and can not be used by individuals:

Continuous courses:

  • none

One-time sessions:

  • none


To use the computer pool for courses or workshops please contact the following address in due time:

When the computer lab is reserved for teaching it may not be used by other users. Please check our website to see if the room is reserved or contact us via email.

Supervised Opening Hours

Winter semester 2018/19:

Currently no supervised opening hours.

Instruction Sessions: (duration aprox. 15min)

Participation in an instruction session is required for access to the key register.

Please contact us!


A few rules. Please read carefully!

In general:

Please treat the computers and the workplace with care. Do not eat and drink in the computer lab. No, we can not make any exceptions. Please do not eat or drink in this room!

Use of the kitchen in the corridor is restricted to employees of the Department of Sociology.

Please consider that other users want to focus on their work. We therefore ask you to avoid noisy conversations!

Technical stuff:

To log on to our computers you need an account with TuBit (Link: http://www.tubit.tu-berlin.de/menue/help_consultation/parameter/en/).

Personal laptops can only access the internet via WLAN and not via a network cable.

Saving data to the hard drive of the pool computers is discouraged and options for saving are limited. Please save your documents on USB flash drives or in a cloud (e.g. tubcloud Link: http://www.tubit.tu-berlin.de/menue/services/data_server/tubcloud/parameter/en/).

In case of problems, questions or ideas please email us:


All computers provide you with the following software:

  • MaxQDA Plus
  • UCINet
  • SPSS
  • Stata
  • HLM
  • R
  • Dartfish
  • MS Office

Zusatzinformationen / Extras

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