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The Video Laboratory for Interaction Analysis and Videography (VideoLabor) aims at combining the efforts in advanced research on video analysis the one hand and graduate education into the field of Video Analysis on the other hand. Thus the VideoLabor is the setting to conduct research in the frame of research projects supported by various institutions ranging from the Technical University to the German Research Council (DFG) and the European Science Foundation. The VideoLabor is also the setting for the training and teaching of students (ranging from an advanced undergraduate level to PhD and Post-Doc) in the methods represented by the VideoLabor. These methods, such as Video-Interaction Analysis and Videography, focus on the interpretive analysis of social interaction by means of audiovisual data. They also include other forms of visual analysis, such as photography or interactive media (i.e. internet).

Network Laboratory

The Network-Laboratory provides an opportunity for research and hands-on coursework involving the analysis of relational webs using software-based tools. Network analysis is currently a leading internationally reputed approach used to conceptualize and explain the structures of social systems. This perspective analyzes social relations among complexes of individuals, groups, organizations, nation-states, or supra-national entities such as the European Union. The possibility to visualize structures and interrelationships offers an important advantage in this context.

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