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Diploma and BA/MA in Sociology and Technology Studies at the Technical University of Berlin

The course of study takes 9 semesters including a diploma thesis and a practical course. The foundations of the course of studies lie in sociology; in addition it is characterized by a interdisciplinary orientation. Its goal is to cross and link sociological and technical ways of thought. Graduates shall act as mediators between these two knowledge cultures. As its core, the course of studies corresponds to a 'normal' course of studies for the diploma in sociology. We offer an encompassing education in sociology (General Sociology, Empirical Methods, Special Sociologies, particularly Sociology of Technology and Sociology of Organizations) etc.) that is equivalent to the demands of such a course at other universities. The technical orientation is due to the fact that, on the one hand, Sociology of Technology is prominent in the curriculum. On the other hand, students are also being trained in a technical discipline that amounts to about one fourth of the whole course of study. Technical disciplines that can be studied are Computer Science, Ergonomics, Transportation, Technical Environmental Protection, Construction Engineering and Mechanical Engineering.
In addition to the technical discipline and the core sociologies, students may chose between various optional sociological fields: Sociology of Organizations, Sociology of Architecture, Urban and Regional Sociology as well as free subjects that are available at the technical university.
The 40 students per year are offered a mentoring system that accompanies them during their studies, and also the practical course is being tutored. Moreover, there is an intensive evaluation system including a public evaluatory meeting every semester. For students, there will be an examination in all fields after the second year ('Diplom-Zwischenprüfung').
Starting 2007, there will be a BA in Sociology and Technology studies with the same features which will finish after the 3rd year, including practical course, mentoring system, technical subject as well as a stress on sociology of technology. In addition, an MA will be offered that allows specializing in the various areas offered: foremost in the sociology of technology, but also in the sociology of organization, in the sociology of knowledge and innovation as well as in the regional and urban sociology.

For more information please contact

Technische Universität Berlin
Institut für Soziologie
Frau Marie-Monique Huster
Sekretariat FH 9-1
Fraunhofer Str. 33-36
D-10587 Berlin
Tel.: 030 / 314- 22811
Fax: 030 / 314-733 01

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